A white and a black board are beeing illuminated in different brightness so that they look the same. A white sheet of paper still looks white to us in the dark, thought it might then be even darker then a black sheet in bright sunlight. Black can turn to white and white to black. What we see is not some absolute lightness, it is always interpreted by it´s surrounding. Our perception turns into something very relative: If the same stimulus can trigger different sensations and vice versa different stimuli trigger the same, what is it then that our perception tells us about the world? The installation also issues the concept of “equality” in general, one of the main principles of natural science. To look at things as equal is a reductive procedure. Our view focusses on some of the properties and ignores others. .

2015, installation (back and white board, 2 lamps)
Ulrike Königshofer, Installation =
Ulrike Königshofer,Durchblick Detail